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Welcome to Lifedimensions!. I hope you find the web site helpful.  If this is your first time visiting, please feel free to contact me with any questions you have.  I am always available for a free consultation by email or by telephone. 

NOW OFFERING TELE HEALTH SERVICES on thera-link.com. Call my office (504-392-3498) and my secretary will help you set up a session. Or click on the link and sign up directly.

"Frank is the type of person that is easy to talk to.  I would highly recommend him.  My overall treatment experience was excellent."---J.Z.  Harvey LA


I  provide individual, marriage, and family counseling services.

In addition, I create health and wellness programs that provide individuals with the skills they need to achieve their personal improvement goals.

Whether you want to quit smoking, lose weight, manage stress, or improve your relationships, I can help.

 Treatment  unique as each individual.

In addition to traditional psychotherapy, I also offer a number of complementary therapies:  Reiki , hypnotherapy, (EFT) Emotional Freedom Techniques, the Sedona Method,and Psych-k . With the integration of traditonal psychotherapy and complementary therapy techniques, I am able  to help my clients experience relief in a more effective and rapid manner.

For clients  experiencing a lack of direction, purpose, or meaning in their life, I also offer  psycho-spiritual counseling, utilizing the Akashic Records and Wisdom Teachings from the Bible and other spiritual  tradition.


"Thanks for your help and your insight into the attitudes that hold me back emotionally.  My relationship with my family continues to improve.  I am also more at peace with the rest of my world."  You have helped a lot."—D Harvey, LA


My mission is to  help people achieve maximum health and wellness though education, coaching, and counseling.

Using  an individualized best-methods approach, all services and products are implemented and designed with the latest advances in psychological knowledge and treatment applications.

My aim is to add lasting value to the individuals, families, and organizations that I serve.

My  work with clients is guided by the Four Dimensions of Life Concept.

Human beings exist or live in four basic life areas: 

  • Physical
  • Mental/Emotional
  • Social
  • Spiritual

Problems often occur in a person’s life when he has failed to recognize the importance of developing each life area.  For example, a person may spend a lot of time participating in physical activities, but may neglect to develop his mind or pursue any spiritual activities.

We can say that a person like this is out of balance.    Instead of living from the center of his life, he has made one dimension of his life more important than the others.  

Individuals who suffer with addiction problems are people who have become out of balance. When a person develops an addiction to drugs, alcohol, food, sex, etc., the person is no longer living from the center of his life.—the addiction is.  The addiction, literally, takes center stage of the person’s life and the self and other significant relationships are abandoned.

For healing to take place, the individual must be helped to live from the center of his life again, and return to nurturing his real self.   This can only be accomplished by developing the four basic life areas. .

The fact is you experience optimum health and wellness when you live from the center of your life and cultivate your life dimensions.

When you do, you cay say you’re living a balanced life. . . .

There is simply no way to creating lasting change without addressing the dynamics of the whole person. 

For further information about my programs or treatment, please call Frank A. Trupiano, LCSW  (504) 392-3498 or e-mail: frank@lifedimensions.net


“Frank, I want to thank you for all your sound advice, it sure has come in handy.  I am a much happier person now, and I can't thank you enough for your support!   I wish you the best in your practice and you are highly recommended to anyone I come across that needs counseling.  Thanks again!"--D.L.  Westwego, LA


LifeDimensions,  828 Barataria Boulevard, Marrero, LA 70072    (504) 392-3498