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When asked to list the things that create real happiness in life, most people say having a happy, harmonious family is more important then success at work or having lots of money.

Yet today, having a happy family often eludes many people—more than ever.   The pressures of earning a living; the difficulty of balancing work and family time; the complexities of modern life; all serve to add stress to our family life that can be overwhelming.

You may be experiencing difficulties right now with your family.  . . .

Relationships may be strained;  there may be little or no communication.  Or the communication between members may be full of conflict; there may be little respect.

need the ability to "join" the family, yet they must also be able to remain neutral and objective so that they can  help members see maladaptive behavior patterns. 

In addition, the professional also needs keen analytical skills  so  he can understand  each member's  role, position, and  psychological make up, and then offer families members  observations and suggessions for change.

In order for family counseling to be successful, it requires a professional who has extensive experience.  Someone who not only understands family dynamics, but who has worked extensively with families and who also is able to do marriage and individual counseling if necessary.

For over twenty years now, I've worked successfully with all kinds of families at different levels of crisis:

  • single parent families
  • blended families
  • families with adopted children
  • families dealing with the death  of  a child
  • families dealing with the death of parent
  • families dealing with a member suffing with  alcoholism or drugs addiction
  • families dealing with a member suffing with mental illness
  • families in which domestic violence has occurred
  • families with oppositional or behavior problem children
  • families with over involved  grandparents
  • families going through divorce or separation.

Simply call the clinic (504) 392-3498 during normal business hours.  Appointments are scheduled during day and evening hours (after work hours).  Clients who need emergency help can often be seen the same day; however, most appointments are scheduled within a day or  two of first contacting the clinic.

I am a provider for most insurance plans.  When you schedule your first appointment, my secretary will verify your insurance and help you with any financial issues.  For clients without mental health coverage or who elect to pay out-of-pocket, a sliding fee is available.

"How to Find Us."

Please feel free to call me  (504) 392-3498 with any questions

or contact me by e-mail: frank@lifedimensions.net

LifeDimensions 1581 Carol Sue Ave., Suite 211, Gretna, LA  70056 (504) 392-3498