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Everyday people decide to quit smoking and do.  In fact, each year about 1.3 million kick the habit ever year .

More than 46 million American adults--nearly half of those who have ever smoked---have quite smoking.  And you can too. 

Today, more than ever, the odds are in your favor that you can succeed at becoming a non smoker.  There are numerous nicotine replacement therapies available.--nicotine gum, patches,  inhalers, along with medications, like zyban or chantex.

Unfortunaltely, many people have been misguided in believing that these products are all the support they need in quitting.   And many people can't tolerate these products.

If you have tried one of these products and were not able to quit, don't feel bad.

The American Lung association shows that people who quit smoking fail at least three to four times before they actually quit, but that counseling can double your chances of quitting on your very first attempt.

Add hypnotherapy to the counseling and your chases of success in quitting are even higher!

For most people, quitting smoking can seem almost impossible. The reason  is because smoking is both a habit and an addiction. The same processes involved in tobacco addiction are similar to those that determine addiction to drugs like cocaine and heroin!

Hypnotherapy sessions, properly created to target your particular triggers and high risk situations can give you that extra resolve you need to succeed.

My hypnotherapy program addresses the education and counseling needed to help smokers effectively deal with both the physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal and provide an alternative for people who may not be able to use replacemet therapies and medications.

If you have tied to quit in the past without support,  you may find that attending  my classes can make the difference you need to become a non-smoker.   So what are you waiting for, call me today!


  • A complete evaluation
  • A 30 page book outlining everything you must know about quitting.
  • A hypnotherapy session created to target your specific smoking issues.
  • Booster hypnotherapy session if needed.
  • Counseling and additional techniques to deal with cravings.

or frank@lifedimensions.net

"When you quit smoking, you will reap a life time of health benefits!"